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XD Industries workforce has a solid reputation for managing and completing some of the largest and most complex wireless infrastructure projects in the country. Our multi-disciplinary sub-consultant teams of professionals has a broad range of experience in different aspects of the telecommunications industry who perform with a level of confidence, precision, timeliness and success unrivaled in the industry. Providing a full range of services allows us to customize our approach in order to successfully assist our clients to achieve their project goals.


XDI’s site development services include:




  • Project Management

  • Design Walk

  • As Built Drawings

  • As Built Research

  • Photo Simulations

  • Material Boards

  • Lease Exhibits

  • Zoning Drawings

  • Construction Drawings



  • Structural 

  • Electrical 

  • Mechanical 


  • Utility Coordination

  • Project Management

  • Site Verification/Audit

Site Acquisition

  • Project Management

  • Collocation

  • Relocation


Real Estate

  • Lease Review Audits

  • Lease Negotiations

  • Lease Renewals

  • Modifications (Amendments) to Existing Lease

  • Tower Applications


Land Use Planning

  • Zoning Determination Audit

  • Administrative Zoning Process

  • Zoning Approval - Hearing

  • Permit Expediting

  • Entitlement Transfers

Scope of Work for all carriers Includes:

New Site Build, Site Relocations, Site Modification, DAS, Small Cell, Right-of-Way.


Utility Survey

  • Locating - Private and Public

  • Conflict Reviews

  • Fault Identification and Location

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Mapping



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