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The philosophy of XD Infrastructure Innovations is to provide our clients with professional product services that are appropriate, innovative and affordable. We aim for client satisfaction by ensuring that our work is accurate and completed on schedule.
Our mission is to develop cost-effective solutions that will meet the unique present and future requirements of our clients. To accomplish this, we investigate all reasonable options. Where appropriate, we seek out new technologies and design customized products and solutions. We strive to offer excellence in the design and delivery of every product offered by XD Infrastructure Innovations.


Radio Architecture
Remote Radio heads have been used in somewhat different form since the mid-1990s, in distributed Antenna systems for in-building wireless.
However, cellular base stations are now undergoing a design revolution. A base station was traditionally a rack of equipment inside a shelter. That design is now becoming anachronistic because it is expensive, and because the required coaxial cable running up the Tower to the antennas often results in significant losses of power. The solution: "distributed base stations" in which the RF portion (along with suitable processing and an optical interface) is placed into a weatherproof box mounted on the tower near the antennas. This is the remote radio head.
Issues with Remote Radio Units (RRU)
The issue using any of the current designs is space consolidation. All the current designs require either a high vertical space for mounting on a pole, or a large horizontal space such as H-Frame design or a Wall Mounted design. In the Wireless industry when building cell sites the Carriers are required to secure lease space through a lease agreement. The said lease area is what drives the need for equipment consolidation because the space is very small. The more consolidation, the more room for growth and this is what all the carries seek out. RRU designs are rapidly growing and a solution is in dire need as the problem is still growing.
Dynamic Interface Frame Solves
The Dynamic Interface Frame (DIF) solves all the known issues above by condensing the footprint of the equipment and utilizing all aspects of the frame. This is a versatile design which can be mounted in the middle of the room, against a wall, indoor, outdoor, etc. There are no limits to this design which can also be expanded in width, depth, and/or height depending on space restriction.
Seismic Rating
DIF was designed by OVER calculating the Zone 4 requirements. Structural calculation can be provided at anytime and are also located on our website for easy access.
USPTO Patent No. : 29/473,732
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