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Phase 6:

Construction Administration

This phase involves XD Industries to monitor the construction to verify that it is happening in accordance with the Construction Documents they prepared.

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Phase 1:


The main goal during this phase is to figure out how much space you need now, how much you’re likely to need in the future, and how that space should be used, organized, and arranged – the “program of requirements.”

Phase 2:

Schematic Design

XD Industries takes your Program of Requirements and begins the process of translating it into an efficient building design.


Phase 3:

Design Development

The building’s exterior will be more fully designed (if applicable), interior layouts will be completed, room sizes are finalized, and most materials are selected.

Phase 4:

Construction Documents

This phase basically takes the design development drawings and specifications and fills in the details that will enable a contractor to actually build your project.

Phase 5:


This is just what it sounds like – obtaining bids from contractors to do the work.

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